Lucy Dynamite, imagineer

Welcome to my website!!


I live a pretty fantastic existence in the sunny Okanagan of British Columbia, Canada. It's really really hot here. Its weird that I picked this place because I am uber-pale and I burn easily.


I have such a massive soft spot for animals and strays that it’s a good thing I partnered up with a man who is at least marginally tougher than me, or the house would be crawling with animals. As it is there are quite a few.


I have two breathtaking and funny and captivating daughters named Molly and Daylen, and a partner named Sam. We have some dogs and some cats, some land, and a ton of projects. Follow my artist blog to see us accomplish a few of them.


• I live in a tiny town called Cherryville, where oddly there are no cherries.

• I am a bizarrely excellent speller, and conversely a terrible speaker.

• I believe that animals need to be protected, humans can fend for themselves.

• I get to draw and paint and create for a living, and that is fan-freaking-tastic.

• I am proud of how useful I am, I am kind of like a pioneer, except one that really

  likes her iMac.

• I am in desperate need of a pintervention.

• I am going to have an animal rescue centre.

• I am also a beekeeper who is allergic to bees.